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NUVACOR VPS (Versatile Polymer Surfacing)
is ideal for use in hundreds of surfacing
applications, from decorative interiors and
furniture to demanding high traffic, high impact
public spaces, including hygienically challenging

NUVACOR VPS meets all of your vertical and horizontal
surfacing performance needs with variable thickness and
hardness options.

Using proprietary state-of-the-art high definition
imaging technology, Nuvacor transforms
its ultra performance (high molecular weight),
clear acrylic sheets into the most attractive and
versatile surfacing available in the market today.

NUVACOR VPS is easy to work with using
common tool technology and is easily shaped
and formed on-site, eliminating back and forth
shop-to-site slowdowns and expense.

NUVACOR VPS self-adhesive brings peel-and- stick convenience to commercial installations. No clamping, no set up time, no overspray, no noxious fumes and no VOC’s.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of the marine industry, Nuvacor’s self-adhesive performs in extreme environments from 180°F to -10°F AMBIENT Temperature so you can be sure that it will work for you.

Whether you design and build for the luxury markets: Yachts, Jets, Motorcoaches, Boardrooms, Showrooms or for Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail or Recreation, NUVACOR VPS is your surfacing solutions partner.

Choose a color, wood grain or abstract from our standard portfolio or bring us your own colors, patterns or favorite artwork and let NUVACOR VPS introduce you to a new level of customer service and satisfaction.



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